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Resident Parking for HOAs & Condos

Record, track, and verify every resident vehicle in your community

Validate Resident Vehicles with Smart Decals™

Scanning the QR code on the Smart Decal provides valuable information in seconds, and different information is displayed depending on the level of user access.

Every Smart Decal is uniquely barcoded and serialized
(oh, and also free with every account)

Multiple Colors
Using multiple colors for different zones (e.g. carports, open parking, garages, etc) makes visual spot-checking quick and easy.
Our decals are made from a strong substrate and adhesive with an extra-protective layer of UV lamination, giving them long life in harsh weather conditions.
Tamper-resistant slits make Smart Decals difficult to remove without tearing. This helps prohibit residents from giving their permit to a friend or neighbor when they move out.

All-Digital Permit Solution for Resident Vehicles

When distributing physical permits isn’t feasible, our digital solution will still allow your property management or HOA board to easily permit, track, and validate resident vehicles.

Digital Permits via Parking Attendant

Residents can permit their own vehicles using the Parking Attendant. Information like name, home, make/model/color, contact info, and a photo of driver’s license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance can all be made optional requirements for permit activation.

Vehicle Lookup and LPR Validation

Field Agent patrol app makes it a snap to look up vehicle, space, and unit number quick. And the integrated smartphone LPR makes validating vehicles even faster.

Smart Parking Map for Condos

Is your condo association still managing assigned parking on paper or in a spreadsheet? Our Smart Parking Map will help your property management or HOA board to easily track and share your parking assignments visually and digitally. Perfect for multi-level garages or surface lots, the Smart Map puts space and vehicle information directly at your fingertips.