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Parking Enforcement Software for HOAs & Condos

Ensure compliance and catch repeat offenders

Easy, Built-in Parking Violations for HOAs

Managers and enforcement users can quickly search a license plate of any offending vehicle. From there, it takes only seconds to record a violation with photographic proof, adding it to the vehicle’s history.

1: Look up offending vehicle

Use Field Agent to search for the vehicle plate number or use the integrated smartphone LPR for even faster lookup.

2: Record violation with photos

Record the violation in Field Agent with any smartphone. Select the reason for the violation and add photos of the vehicle with notes.

3: Apply Smart Warning Sticker

Use the unique Smart Warning Sticker number to link the violation to the sticker. Place the sticker on the window of the vehicle.

Violation Notifications & Thresholds

Violation Notifications

Manger Admin users can manually send violation notifications via email or text. Currently registered resident vehicles are automatically notified via their email on record” or something along those lines.

Know When to Escalate

Violation thresholds tell enforcement when to take more serious action. For instance, you may decide to give each vehicle one documented warning every 180 days before booting or towing.

Smart Warning Stickers for Any Occasion

Be sure parking violators in your HOA or condo are clearly notified. All Parking Boss Smart Warning Stickers are designed to work seamlessly with our violation software. The stickers are made so you can easily remove all the paper backing or just a portion of it before applying to the window.

Standard Smart Warning

Our Standard Smart Warning is perfect for all occasions. The vehicle owner can easily lookup all the details of their violation.

Write-in Smart Warning

Our Write-in Smart Warning is perfect if you want to add your own details in writing (Sharpie® style pen recommended).

Final Smart Warning

Use the Final Smart Warning when you want to inform the vehicle owner they’ve been given their last chance to comply.

Field Agent™—for hired patrol or self-enforcement

Parking Boss Field Agent creates better parking transparency for more accountable parking enforcement.

Own your parking solution and let patrol do the enforcing

On average, homeowner associations hire a new patrol company every 18 months. If the company installs their own parking solution and don’t perform as promised, it could make replacing them very difficult. Because if you do, it’s likely they’ll take all of your parking data with them.

Parking Boss allows you to own your own data and Field Agent let’s you give access to any third-party or on-site team member to help enforce your parking rules.

Use Field Agent for self-enforcement

Your Board Members may not always be around, but don’t let that stop your on-site team from enforcing your rules.  Every Admin user automatically has Field Agent access or you can add other team members as patrollers.
Look up any vehicle, anytime
Scan Smart Decals for instant permit validation
Use LPR for fast license plate lookup
Use Smart Warning stickers to notify offender