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Guest Parking for HOAs & Condos

24/7 self-service guest parking with automatic rule enforcement

Fair & Flexible Guest Parking for HOAs & Condos

Configurable to meet the most complex association rules, our guest parking solution is proven to be the product of choice for condo and HOA communities nationwide.

Vehicle Time Limits

Time limits by license plate/tag
Ban resident vehicles from guest parking

Home Time Limits

Time limits by home (most fair option)
Block delinquent residents

Virtual Gate™

Keep outsiders from using guest parking
Residents can preauthorize a guest

Smart Meters™

Flexible limits to enforce your rules
Permits are issued based on availabilty


Text/email when permit is created
Text/email before time expires

Manager Overrides

Ban any home/vehicle from guest parking
Issue Special Permits to override rules

24/7 self-service registration in seconds

Our sophisticated, easy-to-use Parking Attendant is utilized across all demographics including condominium communities, townhome communities, single-family home communities, 55+ communities, mixed-use, urban luxury high-rises.

1: Scan Sign

Access the Parking Attendant by scanning the QR code on our signs or by visiting

2: Enter Plate & Set Time

Complete the simple form for registering the guest vehicle using the license plate, visiting home, and contact info for notifications.

3: Instant Electronic Permit

Immediately get a confirmation of successful registration with the start and stop time, including an option to cancel the permit.

Works on any Internet-connected Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop

Guest Parking Signs

Our professional-grade aluminum signs make it easy for drivers to understand and follow your parking rules. The barcode and web address directs the driver to the Parking Attendant for quick and easy registration. Our in-house design team can create custom signs to include your community logo, colors, and any specific text.

Critical for compliance

Along with clear rules, clear signage is critical for helping guests to know where to park. Signs also help patrol visually identify parking zones.

Custom-branded signs

Our expert design team will tailor signs to your brand using your logo, fonts, and colors. We can also add or modify any text.

Durable materials made to last

Our signs are made from professional, municipal-grade aluminum with 3M reflective printing technology and anti-graffiti coating.

Guest Parking Magnets

Our business card-sized refrigerator magnets are a handy way for residents to quickly access guest parking from their home. We’ve included a convenient space for residents to write in their own unique 6-digit passcode.

Generate Revenue from Guest Parking

When parking is really tight, consider giving each home a complimentary amount of guest parking (e.g. 7 days/month or 48 hrs/week) and then charge for additional time. Many communities see a significant amount of monthly revenue from guest parking that can be applied to patrol costs or other neighborhood expenses.