Amenity reservations & payments for HOAs & condos

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Amenity Boss is the easiest way to add reservations for your clubhouse, pool, tennis court, or any other amenity in your HOA or condo

Homeowners pay their dues and expect fair amenity use

Pools can get overcrowded during the hot summer months, often as a result of too many guests. Creating limits during these peak usage times keeps things fair among the community residents.
 Unfair amenity use causes community tension
 Reservations give every homeowner equal opportunity
  Limiting reservation times by home keeps things fair

Easy credit card payments with automatic refundable deposits for amenity reservations

Does your HOA have a community center, clubhouse, or other rentable amenities? Our simple built-in payments makes charging and collecting funds quick and easy with credit card or Apple Pay.
 Easy to set up and start charging quickly
 Residents pay via credit card or Apple Pay
 Give each home a free amount of usage before charging
 Automatic refundable deposits

Priority reservations give residents the convenience to plan ahead

While most amenities continue to be first-come first-serve with unlimited usage, allowing for priority reservations is a great way for homeowners to use the amenity when they want. Limiting the amount of priority reservations by home keeps your members feeling like they have an equal shot at amenities.
 View live reservation schedules per amenity
 Easy reservation from any smartphone, tablet, or computer
 Residents can cancel if they change their mind

Say goodbye to the sign-up clipboard

Post custom signs in front of your amenities where reservations are encouraged or required. Our signs include quick & easy access to the schedule via web address or scannable QR code.
 Window clings for interior use
 Printed & mounted on black foam core for interior use
 Aluminium for exterior use