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May 15, 2017

How We Helped a Florida HOA Fix Their Parking and Catch Illegal Renters

Cypress Bend V, a Florida HOA, needed a better way to track who was parking and staying at their community. Besides parking problems, residents were illegally renting their homes in violation of the rules.

A recent article in the Sun Sentinel reports that "In the month the app has been in place at Cypress Bend V, the condo has uncovered about 15 owners with roommates who had never been registered or had background checks done by the association."

Here's how it works:

To park in the community with Parking Boss, a vehicle needs to have a resident decal or be registered as a guest. Residents are given Smart Decals, which are placed on their windshield. Guests can self-register digital parking permits using the Parking Attendant. If a vehicle isn't registered, it's easy to quickly identify and issue a violation.

The permits are available based on the rules set up by community. For example, let's say the guest parking rules allow 48 hours in a seven day period. Once a guest uses up the time limit, the Parking Attendant won't allow them to register a permit for another seven days.

If illegal renters (or overstaying guests) continue to park past these limits, they are no longer on the vehicle Safelist, and can be caught. (If exceptions are needed, Special Permits can be issued).

Josh Travieso, the HOA Vice President, said, "It's unbelievable how by just controlling and enforcing the parking lot communities could solve so many issues. In our community, we are able to enforce [our] rules and documents to make our community safe. This is a must have for all communities (Capterra)."

CBS Miami also reported on the community, talking with both Travieso and Property Manager, Maria Barbat.

Travieso told CBS, “We were like this is the way to go. This is going to resolve all our issues." Barbarat "encourages other property managers to adopt the system, a system she believes to be foolproof."

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