Fair & secure parking for HOAs & condos

Create guest parking harmony

Parking Boss is built on fairness so residents and guests feel informed and respected
 Guest parking rules treat every resident fairly
 Put the responsibility on your residents
 Create an environment of accountability
  Set clear rules that are easy to follow

Self-enforce with LPR

License plate recognition (LPR) makes enforcement easy and efficient
 Fast for patrol or self-enforcement
 Validate vehicles with a quick scan
 Built-in violation tracking with Field Agent
  Get rid of outdated tracking systems
lpr parking

Clear signage helps with compliance

Support your parking rules with our professional, easy-to-read parking signs
 Scan QR code to access Parking Attendant
 Custom-designed for your community
 Let guests know where & when they can park
 Keep residents out of guest parking areas
“A complete game changer in our HOA”

Debbie Malone, Sittella at Bernardo Springs
“This software is easy to use and contains all of the essential information to manage parking”

Rachel Valenzuela, Senior Association Manager at Modern Management, Inc.
“We are able to identify the violators much more quickly with the system.”

Samantha Jean-Baptiste, Property Manager at FirstService Residential

Resident vehicle permits

Give residents a modern, convenient permit with Smart Decals using built-in technology
 Unlimited Smart Decals for resident vehicles
 Let residents self-register approved permits
 Track all registered permits in Manager admin
  Easily identify resident vehicles
Resident vehicle parking permits

Make extra income with Pay-to-Park

Paid parking options not only keep guest parking fair but also generates new revenue for your community
 Generate income with guest parking
 Use our custom pay-to-park signs
  Self-registration and pay available for guests
guest parking management